I always had a hard time finding jeans that fit. Jeans would either fit my thighs and my bum or my waist, but never fit all three. One day while trying on some jeans I ordered online I got fed up. and said "f*** this, I'm making my own brand of jeans".

FID stands for f*** it denim.

f*** it denim makes 100% cotton jeans using deadstock fabric for curvy women. We do this by fundamentally changing the proportions we design for.

Standard sizing (for jeans and pants) uses a 10 inch difference between your waist and hip. This works great for standardization but it also means people who have significantly different waist-to-hip ratios will always have a hard time finding jeans that fit.

At FID we do things differently, we start with a 12 inch waist-to-hip ratio and grade that up to a 14 inch difference in our largest size.