Our Story

About 2 years ago I was trying on jeans in my bathroom (I buy a lot of clothes online so the bathroom is my go-to fitting room). I was a little nervous to try the jeans on since it’s rare that jeans fit well but I was hopeful that these would be 'good enough'.

I started with the smaller size, slipped them past my knees and most way up my thigh when it became clear there was no way (no matter how much I wiggled, jumped, or pulled) my butt was going to squeeze in.

But… I was smart I ordered 2 different sizes (remember I’m an online shopping pro).

I tried on the second pair, they were a bit tight on the thighs, but I could get them on without ripping the jeans or too much of a sweat. I zipped them up and “BAM” a giant waist-gap somewhere between 3-4 inches large was sticking out my backside.

This was not the first time I experienced such a drastic fit issue nor was it my last. But this was a pivotal moment because instead of thinking “I’m not thin enough” or “my body must be shaped funny” (ideas that had lived in my head for years) I realized I wasn’t the problem; the jeans were the problem.

That day I said “f*** it, I’m making my own jeans” and FID was born.

FID is a brand of 100% cotton jeans designed for curvy women. FID is built on three key principles:
1. Curve Only
2. Trendless
3. Quality-construction

Curve Only
At FID we focus exclusively on curve denim and perfecting designs for women who have a 12-14 inch difference between their waist and hip measurements (standard size charts have a 10 inch difference between their waist and hip measurements). 

We make jeans that will be staples not just for this year or next year but for the rest of your life. We limit the number of washes and styles we carry because we just don't believe you need more than 3-4 pairs of jeans. 

JFID jeans we made sure to use high quality fabric and construction to ensure these babies last you a lifetime. 100% cotton fabric also means FID jeans are easy to repair and maintain for years to come.